Onscreen keyboard

Onscreen keyboard

Use the onscreen keyboard to write sign language and plain text messages.

Message translation

Message translation

Translate sign language messages into plain text messages and vice versa.

Message in motion

Message in motion

View sign language messages in motion.

More features

High-contrast black and yellow background theme

Low-contrast grey background theme

Display sign language and plain text simultaneously with learning mode

Learn a sign language alphabet

Set the size of the sign language and plain text characters

Set the speed of a message in motion

Latest improvements

Activate/Deactivate SSMS as the default message reader on the mobile phone

Contact page

F.A.Q. page

About SSMS

About SSMS


What does SSMS mean? Sign Short Message Service.
SSMS is an android mobile messaging app that allows you to exchange sign language and plain text messages. It is a communication and educational mobile app based on the sign language alphabet.


To provide a more cost effective communication method for people that are deaf or hard-of-hearing and to bridge the communication gap between the Deaf and Hearing cultures.


SSMS was designed and developed on the basis of a research study at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth. Professor Darelle van Greunen was supervising the research. The prototype was tested with Deaf users in South Africa while development was done in Cyprus.


We are 2 brothers (fiishydesigns.com). Our studies were in the field of Human-computer interaction. Our passion is usability, user experience and accessibility. Our aim with SSMS is to provide a useful and usable app. More will follow.

About SSMS
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e-mail: info@connectdeaf.com